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Get to know me.





-John Ruskin



I am Andrew. I am an experienced graphic designer living in Austin, Texas.

I am the proud parent of 2 boys (both under the age of 5), lover of all things tech, music, movies, comedy, sports, fun, and just a slightly bit obsessed with Mexican food.


Since graduating with a degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communications in Nashville, Tennessee, I have accumulated 9+ years of experience in computer graphics, print and web design, and have built an extensive portfolio of work.


Working as a freelance graphic designer has not only allowed me to learn about many different industries, but work with a wide variety of clients – including Athletics/Sports, Beauty and Cosmetics, Corporate, Education, Entertainment/Media/Music, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Conservation/Research, Health and Medical, Retail, Landscape Design, Non Profits, Photography, PR and HR Specialists, Publishers/Authors, Real Estate, Restaurant, Software & Technology, and Travel.


I am proficient with both Mac and PC environments and fluent with the entire Adobe CS, including a solid comprehension of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

I have a strong knowledge of all the various file formats, color modes, graphic design techniques in both web and print, a font connoisseur with strong typography skills, and I am constantly keeping up with current trends, while creating my own style as well.


With a knowledge of HTML and CSS, I also have experience with web design, building, editing, and managing sites.


Now, mix all that up with the years of internet knowledge, resources and computer experience that I have, and there is nothing that I can't do or won't try to learn.


I am creative, loyal, driven, fun, positive, and passionate in just about every single aspect of my life.


Please take a moment to browse through my ever growing portfolio of work and then contact me with any questions, comments, or work opportunities that you may have.  


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